Mercedes racer Valtteri Bottas turned down the possibility that he would want a worse teammate because he wants to beat his best, Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas has been sitting at the wheel of the dominant Mercedes for the first time in a year 2017, and the Finn has not yet managed to seriously endanger Lewis Hamilton in the last three years in the fight for the World Title.

Nevertheless, Finnc claims that racing against the six-time Formula One World Champion presents a major challenge.

“I am proud to be a part of this team and to be able to ride a car that has enabled me to achieve such good results. I love the fact that it is up to me and I realize that I can decide my own fate. We are currently a winning team, and if I can perform at the level I aspire to, then anything is possible. So he would not change the situation, and he would not replace his team mate simply because it would be easier to win races. I love the challenge. It is not always easy, of course, but when you do it the hard way, it gets better. ”

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