After a five-second penalty on Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz was promoted to third, but the Spaniard is also under investigation for an open DRS system amid yellow flags caused by Valtteri Bottas with Mercedes stopped . The commissioners ultimately did not decide on the penalty, and Carlos Sainz won his first podium in his career.

In addition to Sainz, his teammates Lando Norris and Antonio Giovinazzi were under investigation, but the FIA ​​decided that the use of the DRS was not the fault of the racers. Sainz, who started the race from his last starting position, was able to make his career, and Mclaren won the first podium in a year 2014.

Because Hamilton was penalized only after the race ended and Sainz was unable to step into the third podium, Mclarn's team headed to the winner's stage immediately after the FIE decision to celebrate their return to the top three.

Factual issues in advance to folk who wait… ⏳?

2072 days ?

118 races ?

1 community of accurate followers ?

We might well be in need of disregarded out on the podium nonetheless… WE'RE BACK IN THE TOP 3! ?? # FansLikeNoOther # FearlesslyForward pic.twitter.com/zXrrMVK2mF

– McLaren (@ McLarenF1) November 17,

Huge Carlos, Huge Carlos! ? ? pic.twitter.com/cE5bAmZtsK

– McLaren (@ McLarenF1) November

, 2019

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