(Motorsport-Total.com) – Percent of the Particular person of de.motorsport.com (so far scarce . blame for the collision between the two Ferrari drivers at the Superior Prix of Brazil. Percent see Charles Leclerc in charge. And was a racing accident.

A view that tends to be shared by Nico Rosberg: “I see a little less error on Leclerc's side because Vettel came over a bit too early and a bit too fast,” analyzes Formula One World Champion

“I've had similar situations myself, and when you're up front, you feel that you're moving slowly, and it's important to put pressure on the other and move in as early as possible For the one who is inside, this is hard to recognize, but you can not see that the guy in the front pulls inwards. “

In this respect he sees no clear culprit:” It were only millimeters, realized as Leclerc has that Vettel comes over, it already too late. Difficult. They barely touched each other, but that took both cars out of the race. “


The Rennkommissare have in the case of Ferrari “nice”: “Let's bustle! Let the riders handle it, “he says, even though he admits the touch is” certainly more Lewis' error “struggle – Hamilton also admitted .

But: “I do not think Lewis is too %, “Rosberg says,” Albon left the door open and he should have let him have some room. Lewis struggle yes there. There is no reason not to give up a little space. “

” Albon said he did not expect Lewis to stab there and that he did not look. OK. But that's no excuse. “

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