Verstappen: Alonso would fight for the title on his return to F1


After Fernando Alonso recently declared Max Verstappen the best racer of the current generation of F1 drivers, the Dutchman returned a few compliments to Alonso, saying that the Spaniard would still be at the top if he returned. Formula One.

Fernando Alonso recently pointed out that it is very difficult to determine the best Formula One racer, but acknowledges that he would choose Max Verstappen himself.

“It's hard to say who the best Formula One racer is, because there are many different factors to consider over a period of years. I myself prefer to follow Verstappen as I like his aggressiveness and his driving style. I think he's very talented.

Verstappen also responded to the Spaniard's words, who also did not dig praise on Alonso's account:

“For me, Fernando is one of the best and it's a shame is that I couldn't race against him, because when we were racing on the same lines in recent years, he didn't have a competitive car, [Lewis] Hamilton, [Sebastian] Vettel and [Charles] Leclerc are very good drivers, although their style is very different. Lewis and Vettel are already among the best drivers of all time, including Fernando. I am sure that when I return to F1 I would again fight for the World Cup title. “

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