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( – “Whoever thinks that what we do once is safe, is very wrong.” This statement is from Lewis Hamilton. He said it after hearing about the fatal accident of Formula 2 driver Anthoine Hubert at Spa. But this accidental death battle is not the first one that Hamilton has seen in his career.

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Formula 1 world champion Hamilton explains how he stands on the subject of death in racing Zoom Win

In conversation with just northwest of Cambridge. “I battle [neun] years ago when I won there,” says Hamilton. The battle 2019. And at this event, a comrade-in-law died fatally.

“Daniel Spence died,” says Hamilton. He himself had seen the rupture out of the corner of his eye. “I knew right away that it was a terrible accident battle, it was a dramatic battle for me as a child, it was the first time I'd seen someone die, and I had a lot of trouble thinking about it.”

) back as Formula 2 driver Hubert on the eve of the Belgium Obedient Prix succumbed to his injuries. Again Hamilton worried his thoughts, he says. “I know what it's like to be in Formula 2 and have the dream to make it to the top one day.”

He became aware that there would be no absolute safety in the formula sport. “And then there's the question of how much more you want to give yourself, how much more you want, it's about the right balance,” says Hamilton, adding, “I'm not competing because I have to compete, but rather because I love it. “

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However, he acknowledges a conflict of conscience: “I also thought [an diesem Abend] that I could spend more time with the family doing things that you can look back on.”

No doubt about going on

“Because I am for sure When you get to Heaven's Gate after your last set-up – I magazine the thought of the Heavenly Gate – and look back on your life, you'll never say, I would have liked to have more money. You wish you more and more time. “

Whether in all these years he has ever felt the desire to stop motor racing immediately after a serious accident, Hamilton says no and says:” Me never had doubts about going on. The fear never took over. That's an important factor for me. “

He had experienced other things at a young age. “Back then, when this boy died, I battle [neun], one of my best friends got scared and quit racing,” says Hamilton.

He himself is not afraid of racing or of serious accidents. “I said to myself even then,” If I ever get scared, then I know my retirement is coming up . “But his career is already over

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