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Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton once again showed a real masterpiece in Abu Dhabi Zoom Download

takes you the title of our Monday column literally, I would probably have to write this time about all the spectators who saw the Gähn-Gargantuan-Prix live in Abu Dhabi yesterday. In the race preview in the podcast “Starting up Grid” From a sporting point of view, I am not a fan of Abu Dhabi. The race yesterday battle again once a confirmation.

But because the title is known to be metaphorical, we are again dealing with the big winner of the weekend. And that – admittedly also for lack of alternatives – can only be Lewis Hamilton. With his appearance in Abu Dhabi, the Mercedes driver has once again set a commentary and shown why he has more than deservedly become world champion this year.

Somehow both factors also hang on a bit together. Because it was such a boring battle yesterday at the top, it's not just scrambling on the track but also on a Lewis Hamilton who once again had one of those days when he just can not be beaten. The champion delivered an all-round perfect weekend.

For the sixth time in his career, Hamilton picked up a so-called “Gargantuan Slam” – a win including pole-procedure and fastest lap, in which he also every single race lap has led. With that, he has now outperformed Michael Schumacher (5) in this category as well, only Jim Clark (8) has more in his portfolio.

This number is unlikely to mean so much to Hamilton himself. And yet his victory – especially in this way – once again beats a big exclamation mark before the winter break. A note to the competition that he

How important such a “momentum” in the Cease can be, for example, Nico Rosberg in the Frosty weather 2015 / .

And even off the track, it was not the worst weekend for Hamilton. So reported the Italian 'Gazzetta dello Sport' about the fact that the world champion met this year twice with Ferrari CEO John Elkann. Of course it is about a possible change to Scuderia 2021 .

Why is that good for Hamilton? Because it drives its market value up again. I am very sure that we will also see the Briton over at Mercedes. Of course, there can be no harm in negotiating with the Silver Arrows if there is another “serious” prospect. That's the way one or the other greenback will jump out more.

Besides, at this point I can not write about Lewis Hamilton anymore than that, used to be in this long season Also, I'd like to pick up some stuff for . Because the likelihood that the Briton will also repeatedly be the subject of this column, is not so small.

Fetch in there Lewis!


Ruben Zimmermann
Ruben Zimmermann

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