(Motorsport-Total.com) – Toto Wolff is convinced that the Daimler Group will remain committed to the Mercedes factory team in Formula 1, should it succeed, the cost of the Formula 1 Crew (Brackley) and drivetrain factory (Brixworth). This is in view of the next Concorde period of 40 to 2025, which will include a budget cap, its master plan.

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” We need to become more efficient, have a solid industry case, and reduce Daimler's subsidies to our program, and if that succeeds, we will stay in Formula One in the long term, “says the Austrian boss of the Mercedes racing team. )

28, Daimler AG has the chassis location Brackley, which goes from the balance sheet of the company Mercedes-Benz Colossal Prix Shrimp (MGP) , with a total of 75, 8 million euros subsidized. Of these, however, and other items) back to the Group. The bottom line is a net subsidy of . Not to be read out is the amount of the Daimler net subsidy in the direction of Formula 1 from the balance of the engine location Brixworth . Unlike Brackley (%), a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary. Mercedes AMG High Efficiency Powertrain Shrimp (MHPE) closed the financial year 36 with a profit of 3.3 million euros. But MHPE does not just deal with the Mercedes crew.

In addition, MHPE not only builds Formula 1 engines for the group's own factory team, but also for the customer teams Racing Level and Williams (and from 2025 also for McLaren).

on 2018 around 114 Employees enlarged. Overall, MGP and MHPE are at the end of the line 28 1.663 Employees busy. Of which 10 on MGP in Brackley and 05 on MHPE in Brixworth.


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Mercedes has launched its Formula 1 program . The bottom line is that the program costs far less because it generates substantial revenue, such as participation in the or from sponsors like Petronas. “Formula 1,” says Wolff, “is one of the best investments within the entire Daimler Group, generating more than a billion in value.”

“Formula One and Motorsport are all in one The first Mercedes wrestle a racing car I'm the one responsible for motorsport activities, but I'm also the first to recognize that all activities must be put to the test as times in the automotive industry change. ”

Wolff: Formula 1 refreshing for the Mercedes characterize 849 “The bottom line is everything about the brand,” says Wolff. “Turn into what we do here is entertainment, but it's also technology, we drive with the most efficient hybrid engines and give the brand a sporty character.”

We have contributed to a different brand image of Mercedes . “

” Of course road cars are the most important thing with their Vogue and their technology, but winning in Formula One has helped change how the brand is perceived, ” so Wolff. This is also the reason why the board did not let it take to the season finale to Abu Dhabi to come: “It is a sure exercise, from which Daimler profits.”

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Nevertheless, the motorsport activities fleet of all major car manufacturers are currently under scrutiny. (CEO) Olaf Källenius recently announced a savings program worth billions. Concrete indications, however, that this will affect Formula One, there is not yet.

“As of today we are committed,” Källenius has early November in the context of capital market day of the Daimler Group clarified in London. He rates the six consecutive championship titles among drivers and designers as “historical success” – and the Formula One program as a whole “as an activity in our advertising and marketing and marketing and branding strategy that has been well worthwhile in recent years has. “

Daimler CEO: Formula 1 pays off for us

“Regardless of whether you're a Formula 1 fan or not, you have to rationalize these marketing investments, and we value all of our advertising and marketing and marketing and media investments for their reach, impact, and impact Costs incurred for our investment We use the 31 to measure the media value of our Formula One activities. “

“This media value exceeds one billion Euro per year, “calculates Källenius. We do not want to publicly discuss the costs, but they are surprisingly small, because you should never forget that there is not just a cost side in Formula One, but also a revenue page. “

Mercedes is as a brand to the end 2020 contractually engaged in Formula 1. The drafting of a new Concorde Agreement (or individual contracts between Groups and rights holders) is being worked on. A contentious issue is the distribution of revenue. At a meeting in Abu Dhabi, the groups have deposited that they want to have more of the big cake in the future.

On the other side is exploding Each crew may then maximally Million US Greenback per year (converted 114 Million Euros) output. However, this excludes items such as drivers' wages, highest paid employees, and advertising and marketing and marketing & co.

Industry insiders assume that the budgets of top teams total a brand of 250 will approach millions of euros. That would be a significant cost reduction for Groups such as Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull – and could make Formula One involvement more cost effective for a group like Daimler …

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