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Mattia Binotto


Thoughtful: Mattia Binotto currently has some issues to solve Mattia Binotto Zoom Procure

“If I had anything to do with it, I would use him again where he is good, in the technical management of the team, and I would either promote someone or bring someone into the team who can manage the political and business side, “Anderson writes in his current column on our sister portal 'Autosport' .

“At Ferrari has to change something. To say it is a leaderless ship would be an exaggeration. But it goes in the direction. I do not want to point a finger at someone. But Mattia Binotto has been given the responsibility, and so far that has not worked. You can not blame him. It's the top management that used him there. “

Binotto, a 50 -sear engineer from Switzerland (born in Lausanne), has been working for Ferrari since . Ferrari teams continue to be involved and ultimately responsible, his promotion has been criticized by some sites . Team Principal and Technical Being a director at the same time can not be good, there are many experts.

After Binotto's first season they feel confirmed, but Anderson says: “If Ferrari does not soon e twas, then I'm pretty sure . And considering what technical changes are pending with regard to

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