(Motorsport-Total.com) – On 20. May Niki Lauda died at the age of 70, but for his son Mathias this idea is still surreal seven months later. “I still cannot believe that he is no longer there,” says the 38 year old at ' ServusTV '. Even today he always has the feeling that his father is coming in the door at any moment.

Niki Lauda

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Niki Lauda with his two sons Mathias and Lukas Zoom Gain

“I still saved the number on my phone. You always think he calls and asks how to do it,” said Lauda jun. But that won't happen anymore. Mathias Lauda says that it takes a long time to process the loss of the father. “It hurts extremely,” he says.

Because Niki Lauda battle is simply a very important caregiver for him. “He just battled the boss in the house, the captain, who always gave the right advice for all questions. Regardless of whether it was about the relationship with my wife, my children or my work. He always knew how life went. He always battles honestly and straightforward. And I miss that extremely, “says Lauda.

For his own career, the father never helped. “The battle is never an issue,” says the son, who only got into motorsport at the age of 21. Because Niki didn't want his offspring to follow in his footsteps. Mathias Lauda remembers how he and his brother Lukas once bought two Plod-Karts from a neighbor.

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“Then we slowly prepared them, and then the karts could finally drive.” The brothers set their own course in a nearby parking lot – but when Niki came home at the weekend, the fun was over. “He saw the two karts and sold them. He said we could do motocross, but no plod karts,” recalls Lauda.

Nevertheless, the 38 – year-old liked to be the son of the racing legend. He says, “I'm proud to be his son.”

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