(Motorsport-Total.com) – University graduates and interns are more than just at Mercedes. They take on important tasks in the technical department of the Formula 1 team, especially in the Stir Enhance Room. In this room, data is collected in real time during a race weekend and made available to the team at the racetrack.


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“The Stir Enhance Room sees itself as an extension of our office on the racetrack. We are mimicking some of the tasks that can also be done on site at the racetrack,” explains Dom Riefstahl. He leads the Stir Enhance team and also works as a test engineer.

“Our young engineers watch TV coverage at Sky from A to Z. They listen to and monitor the radio messages from the other teams all reactions. Everything that you see, hear and snap at the competition teams can help us with our strategy. “

It is above all the constant urge for improvement that Mercedes with one of his official companion shares. Thanks to Bose's support, we had the opportunity to speak to three young engineers from the Stir Enhance Room and to talk about their jobs at Mercedes.

Mercedes plans ahead with young engineers

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We also asked what it once meant to work for such a successful Formula 1 team. Because the young engineers are challenged: In an extremely dynamic environment, they have to master their tasks under great pressure.

“I loved Formula 1 as a child. I always followed the races together with my brother and with my father, “says Emma Corfield. “I was really impressed by the whole thing, but not just the pure racing, but also the technical component of sports activities.”

Tom Sutton was enthusiastic about the high development rate in Formula 1 early on , Now he's analyzing data to find new ways to optimize both driver and vehicle performance. He also develops machine solutions for the team on the track and at home in the factory.

Lewis Hamilton

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Abbey O'Dwyer is studying mathematics at the University of Bath, but works in parallel for the Mercedes team and checks the machine integration. “Everyone here pulls together and works incredibly intestine together,” she says. “Nobody points a finger at others, you win and lose together. That's what I like about Mercedes so much.”

James Allison as Technical Director of Mercedes explains why it is for his team it is so important to employ young university graduates and interns at Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport: “Instead of an autocratic decision-making structure, we make sure that people feel that we are acting as a team.”

Lewis Hamilton

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“Being together as a team makes a big difference in whether you win or lose a Broad Prix. We are therefore giving our people for free earlier than other teams the confidence to participate in the vehicle rken. “

The mission statement shared by Bose and Mercedes is:” Do more, be more, experience more. ” Because it is clear: These young engineers are on the very best way to be the driving force for further innovations in the future.

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