(Motorsport-Complete.com) – Austria, Germany, Brazil: Max Verstappen managed three races in the Formula 1 season 2019 win – and each of them has its own story to tell. For example, there would be Hockenheim with his rain chaos when the Red Bull pilot even turned and won in the end. Or Brazil, when Verstappen had to deal intensively with Lewis Hamilton the whole race and overtook him spectacularly.

Max Verstappen


For Max Verstappen battle Spielberg the best win of the season Zoom Download

But the most beautiful of the three victories battle of course another one: “Austria, 100 percent “, says Verstappen at 'ServusTV'. Because there were many factors. On the one hand it was the first victory after a long Mercedes dominance, it was the home game of Red Bull and basically also of Verstappen, because so many “crazy Dutch”, o-ton Verstappen, were in the stands.

And then there was the course of the race itself: The Red Bull driver messed up the delivery, only to then plow through the field and pilot to overtake pilot – including the controversial maneuver shortly before the end of the race against Charles Leclerc (Ferrari).

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Thanks to his speed and overtaking maneuvers, Verstappen applies among experts anyway as one of the best pilots in the field. The praise flatters him, but something else is more important to him: “It's always good, but in the end of course I wanted to win more races this year,” he says.

He wants the project now 2020 into action: “We hope that next year we can fight at the beginning and have a chance to win the championship. “

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