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Changed into was going on today in social media: First references to “Pressure to Continue to exist” Looking back: Crimson Bull in exchange, Hamilton's World Cup cars, Toto Wolff seriously

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Netflix series: Steiner plays a role again!

The coming season cannot come early enough for usaalle. Before the engines start again, we can also look forward to the second season of “Pressure to Continue to exist”! The Netflix cameras were again behind the scenes of the Formula 1 circus this year.

A classic from the first season were Haas team boss Günther Steiner and his ranting tirades. As the team of workers 2019 had its worst season so far, many followers hoped for renewed impressions from Steiner. One of the producers now indicate exactly that?

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The world champion and his cars

Without the bullets on four wheels, even the strongest racing driver cannot win any titles – especially not six! And when you look at these masterpieces of engineering, do some memories come up?

Lewis Hamilton: “The best time of my life”

Lewis Hamilton meets his six world championship cars in Brackley and reflects the past years of success More Formula 1 movies

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Rearview time!

The Crimson Bull duo also sat down again at the end of the year to look back on the past. Even without Daniel Ricciardo there is no lack of fun!

Max & Alex: The slightly different Crimson Bull season conclusion

Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon talk in detail about the season in the video 2019, you can not help but a few jokes … More Formula 1 movies

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Something more serious

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff gets the most serious fan questions. Accordingly, his answers are also negative. He talks about the loss of Niki Lauda, ​​”bad days” in everyday work and the difficulties of continued success.

Wolff: “Niki's death overshadowed the season”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff moves to the season finale 2019 Balance. He talks about the great successes and death of Niki Lauda More Formula 1 Movies

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So it goes faster over the Christmas market

An overtaking aid might also be very practical?

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Haas doesn't hope for big gifts from Santa Claus?

Because as team boss Günther Steiner feared, they weren't the bravest this year. He answers even more fan questions?

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Vacation mood comes out

The holidays are just around the corner and things are getting a little quieter in the factories. Of course not here! Because we still make everyone aware of the search for top class news. After all, everyone knows that time passes more quickly with work – our trick for the winter break;)

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Wolff: “Niki's death overshadowed the season”

Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis Hamilton: “The best time of my life”

Max & Alex: Das etwas andere Red-Bull-Saisonfazit

Max & Alex: The slightly different Crimson Bull season conclusion

Helmut Marko: Vettel nicht mehr unter den Besten

Helmut Marko: Vettel no longer among the best

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