(Motorsport-Full.com) – Up to 25 races could be Formula 1 from 2021 theoretically knowledgeable season. To counteract the higher load, those responsible have come up with something and shortened the schedule over a weekend . The media Thursday will be canceled without replacement from 2021 and integrated into the Friday in smaller fabricates.

Kimi Räikkönen


Kimi Räikkönen should like the calculation of media events the best Zoom Salvage

This is a good step for the drivers: “That should be the case next year,” says Kimi Raikkonen, who, as is well known, doesn't think much of dealing with journalists and for whom such appearances are only a chore. For him, Thursday is “an absolutely useless day” anyway.

Because the drivers say the same thing every Thursday anyway: “And we say half of it again on Sunday or before”, he sees little sense in the media day. “Just stop wasting time!”

Pierre Gasly is also happy about the cancellation because it means more time at home and with the family. However, he thinks less of the drivers who have the most pleasant job in the paddock anyway. The shortened schedule should be a relief especially for the mechanics and engineers.

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On the other hand, the pilots fear that the shortening of the expansion of the racing calendar in general can't compensate: “We are only preparing united states of america for an even larger calendar – and I'm totally against it,” says Carlos Sainz, thereby agreeing with the overwhelming majority of drivers and groups.

“Nice 22 or 21 races feel too much, “says the Spaniard. “Having an extra day off does not compensate for these 25 races that we want to have in the future.”

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