(Motorsport-Total.com) – After the season finale in Abu Dhabi, the TV director of Formula 1 is again under criticism. Sergio Perez is angry that decisive overtaking maneuvers were not shown in the last lap. For him, the TV directors are “not doing a good job”, as he says. Carlos Sainz had also repeatedly complained in the past that he was too little in the picture .

Carlos Sainz, Nico Hülkenberg, Sergio Perez


Important midfield bouts were missed in Abu Dhabi Zoom Earn

Of all these two drivers, it was again in Abu Dhabi. Perez overtook Lando Norris on the final lap, allowing him to intercept the British in the fight for tenth overall. Sainz also made the decisive maneuver on the last lap and snatched sixth place from Pierre Gasly.

However, neither scene was shown because race winner Lewis Hamilton drove his last lap. For Perez, the fight in midfield is much more spectacular than at the top. “It's fantastic. The enviornment is that they don't show it on TV,” he says. “The TV directors don't do a good job.” It was something like that once he would want to see him as a fan.

Sainz is similar, but is no longer surprised: “I was disappointed earlier,” he dismisses , “I won't say much about it, but everybody talked about the fight for sixth place all weekend long – and then it's about the last lap. It was one of the last corners – and yet they don't show it on TV” , he is annoyed.

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“Of course it's very strange that everyone is hyping this fight for sixth place, but in the end nobody shows it on TV,” the McLaren pilot wonders.

Haas- Team principal Günther Steiner can agree with this view. He would like the TV director to pay more attention to the midfield. “Nothing much happens at the top anyway, and you have to show the audience the big picture,” he says. “It would be nice if they showed more from our perspective.”

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