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What is going on battle today: Brown in the competitor factory Alonso thin-skinned New perspectives in the Hamilton-Rossi exchange

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McLaren officially spies

Red Bull super brain Adrian Newey leads McLaren boss Zak Brown through his factory – and Damon Hill has coupled it. Please used to be ?! In the Formula 1 circus, the groups rarely treat themselves to each other – least of all insight into their processes and technology! When it comes to a good cause, everything seems possible.

Hill's “The Halow Mission” for people with learning difficulties was donated by Newey to the Red Bull factory tour. And Brown just hit. So he can go officially spying soon. Cleverly!

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Mercedes says “thank you”

Team boss Toto Wolff has the last word for the sixth year in a row. Christmas and New Year wishes are of course also included.

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Dr. Doolittle

“Nothing bad,” says Haas pilot Romain Grosjean after he and his cat went to the vet battle. After his surprising social media hit in Japan, where he built a model car on race-free Saturday, we don't want to assume that he is pursuing a strategy with this Cat content.

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Ricciardo in home mode

Helmet off, hat on – Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo traditionally flees in the European Chilly weather in his summer home Australia. Does he already have the relaxed holiday face?

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Alonso thin-skinned

Out of line: When a Twitter joke backfires. Fernando Alonso had only wanted to share a memory from old roaring engine times. Admittedly, the commentary by journalist Matthew Somerfield tears a little into old wounds. But Alonso doesn't take it particularly confidently either?

“Twitter clown of the day,” he writes back. “From time to time you look for your five minutes of fame, even if it's completely out of context, like now. Sorry for you. Better enjoy life, it's wonderful.”

Somerfield even felt compelled to clarify afterwards. Is it time for everyone to relax a little over the holidays?

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We cannot get enough!

The exchange of vehicles by Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton and MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi is now a few days ago. But he has by no means lost his fascination – especially not when new topic cloth appears again and again:

# LH 44 VR 46: Onboard with Rossi in Mercedes

Valentino Rossi was also allowed to try out a Mercedes after several Ferrari tests in December. At the wheel of the W 08 he felt very comfortable soon More Formula 1 movies

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# LH 44 VR 46: Onboard with Hamilton on the Yamaha

Lewis Hamilton has his Mercedes against in Valencia exchanged the MotoGP bike from Valentino Rossi and did a few laps on the Yamaha M1 More Formula 1 Mov ies

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World champion wisdom of the day

“Concert yourself on it, used to be you like to do it,” says Lewis Hamilton today. “Set high goals. Never let yourself be told that you cannot do something or that you are not good enough for it. You have to believe in it. If you are really not good at it, you have to be realistic. Nobody can take it away from you, at most help you . But you have to do the main part alone. Leave us out goals for 2020 start even higher and never be afraid of it. I believe in you and you should too! “

With his motivational speeches, Hamilton wants to show his followers some of the support that he himself has through his career

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#LH44VR46: Onboard mit Rossi im Mercedes
# LH 44 VR 46: Onboard with Rossi in the Mercedes

#LH44VR46: Onboard mit Hamilton auf der Yamaha

# LH 44 VR 46: Onboard with Hamilton on the Yamaha


Wolff: “Niki's death overshadowed the season”

Lewis Hamilton:

Lewis Hamilton: “The best time of my life”

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