(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Formula 1 boss Scurry Carey wants to make it easier for potential new teams to enter the premier class. It is an absurdity that newcomers are put in the way and treated like “second-class citizens”. But that's the drop in the current financial rules, as you could see at Haas.

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Newcomers will find life in the Formula 1 made difficult Zoom Make a choice up

In order to receive prize money in Formula 1, a group must go twice to the high within three years 10 of the designer classification. As a result, Haas had to wait until last year to get Formula 1 money, even though you could score in the points in your debut year. This should change 2021.

“When you get on board, you should be part of the sport – and not a second-class citizen,” emphasizes Carey. “If you decide to get started, you should buy yourself into a good business, not just a great sport. If I come in and I'm not part of the first class, not part of the golf equipment, that's a deterrent.”

Thanks to the new regulations from 2021 but already several teams like Panthera and Campos announced their interest and even announced an entry – even if the FIA ​​has put a stop to hopes and does not want to have seen any serious interested parties.

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Carey knows that many wanted to see a better business model before they are considering entering Formula 1. And Formula One wants to offer that too. “We want our own group to have a franchise value like in other sports,” said Carey. “But how do we make sure that your own group is also a good business and not just passion?”

Removing the entry hurdles is one point, creating a budget ceiling of 175 million US greenback another. With such a 2010 also Lotus, Virgin and HRT in Formula 1 lured. However, she never came – and all three teams have disappeared in the meantime. Two of them never even got a single point.

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Formula 1 is an ever-rotating carousel: There have been numerous team acquisitions and renaming in the past decades, but only twelve teams – like the US Haas team – have been founded since the year 1990 New. The pioneers included a large number of dream dancers, many super-rich people and a global corporation, but also two real motorsport enthusiasts. Only five of the often chronically clammy teams managed to get World Cup points. Three teams even won the Grand Prix. Only four projects survived, only one of them in the original fabricate. We tell the stories behind the crazy dozen. Photo gallery

Formula 1 would like to avoid such backbenchers in the future. FIA President Jean Todt would like to see twelve teams in the premier class, but not at all costs. “Ten teams can work, too,” he says. “But if we are convinced that a really decent group wants to join, I would be happy to have twelve teams.”

So far, none of the interested projects has been convincing.

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