The year 2019 was undoubtedly for Charles Leclerc a watershed year, and now Ferrari has once again reaffirmed its confidence in Monacan, officially announcing the contract extension. Leclerc will stay with Ferrari for at least the end of the season 2024, and his annual salary will be significantly higher.

In his first season behind the wheel of a red car, Leclerc impressed with seven of the best starting positions and two victories, while at the same time the young Monk racer stepped up to the stage ten times for the winners .

Somewhat surprisingly, Leclerc ended the season 2019 in front of his teammate Sebastian Vettl, and Ferrari's management offered a new contract to its racer , after which Leclerc will race at least the end of the season for Scuderio 2024.

Leclerc was understandably excited when the new contract was approved:

I'm very happy to have stayed with Ferrari. Last season's run for the biggest team in F1 was the fulfillment of my dreams. “I can't wait to enjoy an even deeper relationship with the team and I can't wait to sit back at the wheel of the red car again this new season.”

According to Italian media, Leclerc's new contract is expected to give him a hefty raise and the monk's extensive star will receive € 9 million per season.

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