Nicolas Todt, son of FIE President and longtime Ferrari boss Jean Todt in Formula One, has been caring for the careers of many racers for years. The Frenchman who is among the most deserving of Charles Leclerc's arrival in Ferrari has revealed that he also invests his money in talented drivers.

Todt, who won a new contract with Ferrari shortly before the end of the year, is very proud of the rapid rise of his protégé.

“I am immensely proud of Charles Leclerc's career as I helped him finally make the move to Ferrari. At 14. for years he had run out of money and intended to quit. At the time, I offered him a contract and presented him to Ferrari. He is now racing and winning for Scuderia. I invest my money in my drivers and this sets me apart from other managers. This is something you can do, not just share tips. ”

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