Former Formula One and Ferrari racer Gerhard Berger advises Lewis Hamilton to stay with Mercedes until he breaks all Michael Schumacher records and then ends his career behind the wheel of a red car.

Rumors have been growing lately that Lewis Hamilton could 2021 at Ferrari replace Sebastian Vettl and end his long and successful career in the most celebrated Formula One team.

Berger racing for the Ferrari at the end 80. and beginning 90. years ago, the factual Hamilton would have chosen the right moment to go to Maranello.

“I would recommend any racer to race for a Ferrari if he had the chance. It is a special team with a remarkable history. For any racer, this is a truly amazing experience. I myself enjoyed Ferrari immensely, because in Maranello you really feel all the racing passion that only a Ferrari has. I think the actual Lewis would switch to Ferrari, but this may not be the right time. Mercedes has a phenomenal team to break all of Schumacher's records first and then end his career at Ferrari. “

What are Schumacher's F1 records for the season

exceeds Lewis Hamilton

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