Even though Bernie Ecclestone has been at the forefront of the fastest sport for some time now, the longtime leader doesn't stop it from sending a Formula One traditional Christmas card, which this time also hides many messages.

This is how we see the moment when FIE commissioners, led by Emanuel Pyrr, the commissioner who punished Sebastian Vettl in Canada, give racers tips on how to run on and off the track. The messages reveal many criticisms of the current state of Formula One, which traditionally turned Ecclestone against the fastest sport in Christmas time.

Commissioner's instructions on Bernie Eccleston's greeting card:

  1. Read the instructions before the race
  2. Don't cross the line, regardless of its color
  3. Messages between racers and boxers should be sent through attorneys
  4. If you have an accident, blame another racer
  5. Don't race, you may be disqualified
  6. Don't Think, Follow Powerful Commands
  7. Try to look honest before us.

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