For years 2019, Ferrari has had a fast car only in certain conditions and on certain lines. SF 90 had highly efficient aerodynamics and dominant speed on the plains, however, the lack of underpressure caused the Maranell team problems tires and wasting slow turns. These shortcomings particularly affected Sebastian Vettl, who had complained for most of the season about the unstable rear of his Ferrari.

The Italian Gazette has published the first information on the new Ferrari labeled 2020, which will contain a number of innovations aimed at filling the 'gaps' shown by SF 90. This is especially true of the downforce enhancement that Ferrari technicians, along with team leader Mattio Binottom, have received special attention for.

The new Ferrari's car will be characterized by an aerodynamic configuration capable of providing high vertical loads, with more force being directed into the center of the tire area. The weaknesses of SF 90 were not just in the aerodynamics. Initial problems were encountered when entering the bend and lack of traction when exiting slow turns, “ La Gazzetta writes.

“According to rumors (from Maranel), an in-depth study of a new car was carried out, which will include a new hydraulic shock absorber. Its benefits have been weighed against the fact that this system will be banned for years 2021. Undoubtedly, the third hydraulic aspect would offer a completely different response of the front suspension to the longitudinal load transfer. “

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“The area under the nose will be enlarged in order to improve the air flow under the car. Its further development would ideally bring a new nose configuration by reducing extreme airflow above the wheels (flushing) ”

Ferrari's powertrain will also undergo significant changes, as recently confirmed by the Binotto team boss. La Gazzetta offers new details:

“As far as the drive unit is concerned, the engine head architecture will be brand new, with a different combustion chamber design. The EDF control units will be substantially changed, especially with regard to software. This will increase the battery charge in the circuit and increase the number of engine modes. “

Photo: La Gazzetta dello Sport

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