Ferrari has confirmed that 2022 the light of the world will see the Ferrari Purosangue, the first SUV mannequin in the history of the horsemanship, marking a major shift in the concept of an elite Italian sports car brand.

The purebred Ferrari, as its already-confirmed name (Purosangue) announces, will be the first SUV, or rather, a “cruiser”, to come from the famed Maranell factory. Revolutionary Purosangue We are expecting years in the market 2022.

Enzo Ferrari, the famous Il Commendatore may already be turning up in his grave, but the first cavallino in the crossover shows that the cult sports brand's leadership is thinking about the market and the trends that will make it possible to increase the annual production from 7000 to 10. 000.

It will still be a true Ferrari, which will also benefit from the experience of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, targeting customers of the Lamborghini Urus. Although Maranell has not yet decided whether the new mannequin will be powered by a V8, V 12 or a hybrid powertrain, the Ferrari Purosangue s 700 HP and 4 × 4 drives are sure to be fiery, dynamic and killer.

With Ferrari Purosangue, some of the latest dogmas in the car market will fall.

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