Nicolas Todt, son of FIA President and longtime Ferrari boss Jean Todt in Formula One, has been caring for the careers of many racers for years. The Frenchman, who is also manager of Charles Leclerc, revealed that he was most impressed by the legendary Michael Schumacher.

Todt had met Schumacher at a time when the seven-time Ferrari World Champion was racing under his father's tactics, and over the years the Todt and Schumacher families have formed strong friendships.

Todt thinks it's safe to be a role model for all young racers.

“Many racers would complain that they have a bad car they can't do anything about, but there is no Michael Schumacher among them, who is not against his team never said a word. His work ethic and belonging to the team impressed me from the first moment. I have the privilege of being able to designate him as my friend, but at the same time, Michael is most impressed as a runner. The team always followed him unconditionally, as he knew how to make the best of them. ”

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