Ferrari extended its contract with Charles Leclerc for another two years before the end of the year 2019, and Monacan will thus remain at least elevate out at the end of the season 2024 in Maranell. Although a new contract for young Leclerc may seem like just a routine move, it is also clearly a clear message for Sebastian Vettl.

A Ferrari is usually told by an amateur about his racing lineup around his home race in Monza, and he usually does it for both of his racers. The fact that they promised long-term loyalty to the young Leclerc in Maranell before the end of the calendar year is quite unusual for Ferrari.

Before last season, Leclerc signed a three-year contract with Ferrari, which committed him to the Maranell team for at least an elevate out 2022. Ferrari certainly didn't have any particular need to offer Leclerc a new contract this year, but they still did. Sebastian Vettl's contract, on the other hand, is due to expire at the end of next season, and Scuderia has not yet indicated its intention to extend the German deal early, though they could have done so, but they did not.

Leclerc's contract is such a clear message to Vettl that he will have the 2020 last chance to win the season ensure the continuation of his career in the red car. An additional problem is the German astronomical salary, which is several times higher than the amount Leclerc will receive on his account annually. Of course, with this leadership of Ferrari, the logical question arises – Why pay 40 millions of euros a season to a runner who loses in the World Cup the battle against a much cheaper teammate.

Vettel will thus star in the season 2020 as Kimmy Raikkonen, who has been upright in recent years a season to prove that he still deserves to race for Ferrari while his teammate has a long-term contract. Without a doubt, this is a position that is not used to being a four-time world champion.

Ferrari Vettla has certainly not written off yet, but in Maranell, with a long-term contract for Charles Leclerc, they have made it clear that they are considering different options. The five-year contract is a clear imprint that Leclerc is Ferrari's future, and Vettel can make the past years 2021.

Matej Plesey

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