Six-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been extremely active in raising awareness of the effects of climate change in recent times, and the Briton wants to use his visibility to convince as many people as possible of the urgency of change.

Hamilton is convinced that only the vegan diet can save the world from collapse:

It took 32 years to find myself and to realize that I could use my influence I'm changing this world for the better. Attain at this moment my life made no sense as being part of the problem is not the solution. The pollution caused by cow breeding is greater than that caused by cars and aircraft. This is simply amazing. The only way to save this world is to make the diet of all people vegan. This would solve a lot of problems with climate, defosterisation and ecosystem disappearance, which will eventually lead to attainment of human extinction. Anyone can become vegan, just change their minds.

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