Nico Hulkenberg, who lost his Formula One seat after the end of the season 2019, admits he will miss racing in the fastest sport next year .

Hulkenberg will be replaced by young Esteban Ocon in the F1 season 2020 behind the wheel of Renault, with the German racer claiming to return to Formula 1 if he has the chance.

“That does not mean my retirement. I love Formula 1 and I love what we do here, I love racing. I can live my career as I think 10 years are a long time and being a part of F1 is not easy for a whole decade.

“But I'm definitely going to miss it next year when I get to watch my first race on television.”

Hulkenberg does not currently know what he will do in the year 2020, but the German is determined to continue racing.

“I'm definitely a fan of single-seater racing. The year 2020 will be a real test for me, as I've been racing all my life , but now this is a minor shock to me. We'll see what happens in the future. “

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