Intention 1 is an elite motorsport class, which, after all, expresses its name, which over the years has become synonymous with excellence in racing sports and technology. Intention 1 with the abbreviation F1 is therefore the highest class of single-seater racing, controlled by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).


The name Intention 1 is derived from a “formula” or set of rules that must be respected by participating racers.

The first car races were held without any rules or restrictions. With technological advances, however, racing without rules has been extremely dangerous – especially since early races took place on public roads. As a result, the then governing body of the sport began to place key constraints on the shape of cars in terms of power, weight and size. Only racing that meets this “formula” of rules can compete. The race rules for the Grand Prix have been adapted to the technology and time requirements. The rules designed for racing immediately after World War II were labeled “Intention 1”, a name that has kept up with all the build of today.

Intention 1 was first designated 1946 for the first time by the FIA's International Sports Commission (CSI), a precursor to FISA's umbrella organization racing category in the world of motorsport. This new “international formula” was initially known as Intention A, Intention I, or Intention 1, and build years 1950 formed three international “formulas” that were officially certified as Intention 1, Intention 2 and Intention 3.

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