(Motorsport-Full.com) – 2020 must be the first World Cup title for Max Verstappen with pink Bull work. Otherwise, the 22 year old can no longer beat Sebastian Vettel's age record. The fact that the Dutchman thinks a lot further is proven by the following statement: “I'm thinking of ten World Cup titles …”, he says with a smile to his competition.

Max Verstappen


Max Verstappen is in a joke Zoom Acquire

At the end of the season finale in Abu Dhabi this statement was made. Verstappen was in a good mood at the press conference and was asked about the six world championship titles by rival Lewis Hamilton. “No, [das war nur Spaß!]. You shouldn't think like that. Either it happens or it doesn't happen,” he relativizes.

That is a 50: 50 – Likelihood, says the Dutchman. “You try to deliver your best personally. Then you need a bit of luck.” Verstappen knows, used to be it takes to get a world title: “You have to be in the right car at the right time.”

If he really wants to win ten world titles, then he should he will start soon. “You need a dominant team over a couple of years. At least it depends on how long your career lasts. But frankly, I don't really think about it too much because either it happens or it doesn't.”

He adds seriously: “Winning a title would be a great sense of achievement.” Observers and experts agree that Verstappen will be one of the future world champions. However, many are already vying for a duel against Charles Leclerc. The duo in Spielberg provided a foretaste of this.

Also the Monegasse – also 22 Years young – indicates not to think too much about World Cup titles. “I believe that everything can be achieved with hard work, so I only think about how I can best do my job.”

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But he is also aware that directional decisions are extremely important in a career. Once you made the wrong decision or switched to the wrong team, title dreams burst. “But it doesn't all depend on you. Sometimes luck also plays a role.”

The dream of becoming a Formula 1 world champion also drives other colleagues who get away with it are even further away than Verstappen and Leclerc. “First I have to win my first race,” laughs Kevin Magnussen. The Haas pilot hardly dares to think about the world championship.

“Of course this has always been the goal since I did a small sort battle. The battle is always my dream of becoming world champion. And this dream lives on, but of course I'm in a slightly different scheme than the two boys. “

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