(Motorsport-Total.com) – 93 points and fifth place – the Formula 1 season 2018 was a real success story for Haas. The next chapter, the year 2019, on the other hand, was a letdown, which is why the troubleshooting has now been thrown out. The Americans had problems with the 2019 he car and got it under control too late in the season.

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According to Haas team boss Günther Steiner, the crew had been distracted from the successes of the previous year, which is why it was more difficult to make mistakes in the season 2019. The biggest issue was the tires, which Haas simply didn't get into the right work window often enough.

Ultimately, therefore, only jumped 28 points and ninth place in the overall ranking. The crew hasn't been that bad since its debut in the year 2016.

Error not recognized

The second race of the season 2019, the Bahrain Gigantic Prix, was the first clue for Haas that something was wrong with the car: “There we realized that we couldn't properly manage the tires” , explains Steiner.

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Because the car did not perform badly in qualifying, concentrate the crew focused on the tires and not on the car itself. “We ignored the fact that it could be an aerodynamic issue,” Steiner recalls. “In Barcelona we were not sure whether it went well or not, but when good results come, you believe in the good.”

Instead of addressing the possible problems, the crew is from the results in the season 2018 and the individual results in the season 2019 “somewhat blinded,” says the team boss. He says: “Maybe we were just a little over-motivated, but now we know better.”

Haas too over-motivated

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“If you don't know where the crew is, you don't react properly” , Steiner continues. “Then it is not easy to find out, used to be wrong. It was successful during the summer break and by then it was already too late. That is why we also decided on the season 2020 concentrated. “

The drivers would have expressed their doubts about the vehicle of the Americans from the Gigantic Prix of Spain, said Steiner. The team boss admits that the crew didn't listen to the drivers. He says: “We believed the results more than the data and the drivers.” This error may Haas in the year 2020 do not repeat if the crew wants to find their way back to success.

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