The racing seats for the F1 season 2020 are busy, but we're slowly turning our minds to the year 2021 when Components 1 could experience gigantic transitions of the biggest celebrities.

The only racers already confirmed for the season 2021 are Sergio Perez, Esteban Ocon, George Russell and Charles Leclerc, while the fate for most racers remains uncertain. What changes to the racing market could you therefore experience in the season 2021 as Components 1 enters a new era with a new policy.


By extending his contract with Charles Leclerc, Ferrari has made it clear that young Monacan is the future of the Maranell team. But anything but certain is the fate of Sebastian Vettl, who will be 2021 a huge name

flight. After the expiration of the contract, if the Ferrari refuses to offer him an extension, the German could decide to retire or seek a seat with Mercedes and Red Bull.

If that happens, the question is who will occupy his seat in the red car. One option could be Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo, who would have a hard time refusing a transfer to Maranella. Another option could be Valtteri Bottas, who could fully integrate into Ferrari's number 1 and number 2 politics, but of course, the possibility of Lewis Hamilton's sensational arrival, which has been flirting with Maranell for quite some time, should not be neglected.


Lewis Hamilton Will Be 2021 huge name

years and if the Briton really wants to end his career behind the wheel of a Ferrari, this will be his last chance. In the wake of this sort of factual Mercedes, it will be a new base for its racing lineup. The arrival of Max Verstappen is most likely at the moment, and a young Mercedes racer George Russell, who is currently racing for Williams, is waiting for his chance in the silver car.


Red Bull will be in a difficult position before the season 2021, as there is a real danger that Max Verstappen can leave. Alex Albon looks like a reliable contender to stay with Red Bull, but the question is whether the young racer could fulfill his bosses' wishes and fight for the title. There are also Toro Ross racers Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat, and we should not exclude the possibility of the return of Sebastian Vettl, who could conclude his successful career with the team with which he achieved his greatest success in Formula 1.


It looks like the legendary British squad will do their best to keep the current race squad of Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris in their ranks. The young racing duo are acting very homogeneously and at the moment it seems unlikely that they would interfere with their team's harmony in any way.


Alfa Romeo team could get a new racer this season 75740, as Kimi could Raikkonen finally says goodbye to racing in Formula 1. The question is, then, who could take Finch's seat. One option is Mick Schumacher, who could make his Alfa debut as a member of Ferrari's F1 racing academy.

The Haas team will have to make the decision to race again in the middle of the year, and it could just be that the American team will be years 2021 a race with the same race, unless Magnussen and Grosjean blame it on any unnecessary incident, of course.

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