Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is convinced that changing the current direction of development of hybrid F1 powertrains would be a big mistake, as she believes it is a technology that moves the boundaries of the possible.

Wolff told German Welt am Sonntag :

“Mercedes has a powertrain that is the most powerful and efficient engine in racing history.”

'With the new rules, such an aggregate could be further optimized. The development of a new powertrain that does not meet the current high standards of power, electrification and energy efficiency is a step in the wrong direction. We don't want that ”

The Mercedes F1 engine is approaching the magic limit 1000 of horsepower

Wolff also believes that Formula One is still missing the hard hand with which the fastest circus has been run by Bernie Ecclestone for many years:

“I wish Bernie had a better assessment of the situation a few years ago and taken on some other role before losing all of Formula One.”

“Exact would take the position of building the new Formula 1. In my experience, he would be the right person to lead the sport into the future. Failure to do so is the only thing I can blame him for. ”

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