(Motorsport-Total.com) – Even though Max Verstappen is one of the most difficult teammates in Formula 1, Alexander Albon is looking forward to the challenge on the other side of Red Bull storage. The Thai, who 2019 drove his first season in the premier class and had climbed from Toro Rosso to the mother racing team during the summer break, sees it positively.

Max Verstappen, Alexander Albon


Alexander Albon wants to be closer to Max Verstappen Zoom Glean

“I appreciate his speed – and it's good for me too,” he says. “Because which way would be better to learn and arm yourself than to compete against one of the fastest – if not the fastest – drivers? I think it's a good job to speed up the learning process.”

Albon would like to 2020 close the gap to his teammate. He knows that this will be a difficult task because the Dutch warfare 2019 is the absolute dominator in the Group of workers. Albon stayed with 76 during the time together 97 Points fairly close, but Verstfare was practically untouchable and achieved all three victories and all nine podium finishes for his Group of workers.

“For me this is a good thing “says Albon, referring to the good reputation of his stable mate. “Because that's how I can show myself and prove myself.”

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Of course there is always the danger of going under Max Verstappen, but Albon does not have such thoughts. He sees no reason why he shouldn't close the gap with the Dutch: “Everything is possible,” he emphasizes. “There was never a time when I said, 'Oh God, I'm going home.'”

Verstappen’s advantage is simply that he’s been with Red Bull for many years and is accordingly feels good in the car. “He knows how to get out all the time, while it's still a learning process for me.”

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