(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ex-Formula 1 driver Alexander Wurz is convinced that Max Verstappen with Crimson Bull 2020 can play a big role in the title fight. “The tendency of Crimson Bull and Max is only going up,” the Austrian says to 'Motorsport-Total.com'. “Why not furthermore?”

Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton


We see 2020 an epic fight between Verstappen and Hamilton? Zoom Procure

2019 went quite well with the new engine partner Honda, as three wins and nine podiums prove. With a more mature Verstappen everything could come together for Wurz 2020, used to be needed for a title. “And that's good for sport,” said the Austrian.

He has no doubt about Verstappen himself: “We saw his class from the very first race,” he says. Although there were 2019 in the meantime, there were always a few mistakes, especially in the first round, but Wurz is not worried about this.

“If you know after five or six or eight races that your chances of winning a championship are going to be reduced, you will switch to a different mode,” he explains. “Then you go into a run-by-run mode and bigger risks.”

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If Crimson Bull gives him a title-worthy car this year, he is sure that Verstappen will remedy the mistakes he made: “I think that he's a million percent smart enough to know that with the right Enviornment topic 21 he needs to have races on the scoreboard “, so Wurz.

And then the Formula 1 followers should have an exciting season ahead: “It's great for Formula 1, a great champion like Lew is (Hamilton) to have Max, to have Charles (Leclerc), “says the ex-pilot. “In the end, the followers will be the big winners. If the cars can be as close as they are now at the end … I can't wait for the year to come. It will be really, really cool.”

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