(Motorsport-Entire.com) – After a year at the end of the field at Williams, Lance Stroll 2019 found herself in a much better environment , With the Racing Point crew financed by Papa Lawrence, the Canadian no longer had to drive after the field, but was able to target the points. “It was like another category,” he compares the RP 19 to its Williams predecessor.

Lance Stroll


Lance Stroll is positive about the upcoming season Zoom Obtain

For him, Racing Point is a much more competitive environment, as he says. “It's a great group of engineers, and it's just great to work with.” Nevertheless, he also knows that not everything went as it should in the past season.

“Seventh is not where we wanted to be,” emphasizes Stroll. He often put himself in a bad starting position in qualifying, but he also demands improvements from his crew. “We have made some good upgrades, but we have to take the next step now to fight for McLaren for fourth place.”

That seems to be the goal of the former Power India team, that was twice behind the top teams before the bankruptcy Easiest of the Rest. 2019 was a transition season because one still had to nibble on the consequences of the bankruptcy because the development in an important share could not continue due to lack of finances.

2020, Stroll is convinced, will be representative, used to be used by the crew about the Frigid weather and how strong you can be in Melbourne will occur. “I think that we all look forward to the coming year – and being part of it is really exciting. We are looking forward to the usa 2020 because we still have unfinished business open.”

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