Two months before the start of the season, Pink Bull has good reason. The Milton Keynes racing team has extended a contract with Max Verstappn early, The Dutchman will at Pink Bull stayed produce of the year 2023. Signing a contract with a young colossal superstar would also affect the future of the engine supplier, the Japanese Honda.

The Pink Bull team has officially confirmed that Max Verstappen has signed a new four-year contract under which he will at least produce for the Red Bulls at the end of the season 2023.

Pink Bull and Verstappen have ended speculation over the young Dutchman's possible departure after the end of the season 2020 when his previous contract with Pink Bull has expired.

Pink Bull's sports boss Dr Helmut Marko was also very pleased with the signing of the contract, as the Milton Keynes team prevented Verstappen from inviting Mercedes into his ranks.

“This was a very important step for us. We can now look with more confidence into the future. The events of the last few weeks have been putting some pressure on Pink Bull. Ferrari is flirting with Lewis Hamilton, while extending his contract with Charles Leclerc. To be honest, we had a hard time guessing what was going on with the story between Ferrari and Hamilton. It is also clear that Mercedes must act if Hamilton is in flight 2021 go to Ferrari and Max would be their first choice.

Helmut Marko: In flight

We will win at least five races and win the title

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