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Used to be was going on in social media today: +++ Norris is filming with YouTuber in Las Vegas ++ + Russell practices in the kart +++ These cockpits are based on 2020 assigned +++

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Used to be the Verstappen deal means

The “Silly Season” 2020 could not be so crazy, because two central participants already have each other determined (as can already be seen in the first post): Verstappen remains with Crimson Bull, Leclerc with Ferrari. Used to be this decision by the Dutchman means – for the driver market and himself – Jack Benyon, Ben Anderson and Stuart Codling discussed.

F1 driver market: Verstappen remains a cop!

Until at least the end 2023 Max Verstappen becomes Crimson Driving Bull in Formula 1. What impact does this decision have on the driver market? More Formula 1 videos

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A special departure

Toto Wolff already has Lewis Hamilton in our article today with Marcel Hirscher compared. The world champion was not that fast on the snowboard on his birthday descent in powder snow. After all, it wasn't about the stopwatch.

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Visiting Juve

Antonio Giovinazzi spent the day today in the museum of the Italian Serie A golf equipment Juventus Turin.

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Even more dowry!

Yesterday we reported in the highlights that Sofina Foods has concluded a new sponsorship deal with Williams. The company was founded by Nicholas Latifi's father. It was announced today that the Lavazza coffee brand would also become the British team's new sponsor. The Italian company has been a partner of Latifi for a long time. Williams 2020 goodbye: Rexona gets out. Hopefully the crew doesn't sweat too much; -)

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After his contract extension yesterday, Max Verstappen starts the new year with extra motivation. In his adopted home of Monaco, he brings himself to Fabricate. He'll need it too, if he really wants to fight for the world title this year.

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George Russell starts the new year in style – in the kart. He is already in the mood for his second Formula 1 season. And the Instagram oracle also predicts a great future for him!

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Latifi chases the ball

At the weekend Charles Leclerc was a guest in Monaco for the basketball match, yesterday Nicholas Latifi and brother Michael paid the Toronto Raptors one last visit before the season for it starts. “Probably the last game I'll see this season.” After all, he is now officially a Formula 1 driver!

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