Former Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo believes the Maranello team has “all the elements” to make the season threaten Mercedes dominance and win the World Champion title.

Ferrari last celebrated years 2008 when the Italian team won the constructors' championship. Montezemolo regrets that his former team has not been able to seriously threaten Mercedes' Formula One dominance in recent years.

“I was hoping the 2019 season would be more successful as Ferrari was extremely fast in testing.” Montezemolo told Sky Sports Actions.

“I'm sorry that Ferrari didn't win the World Cup for a few years. The fact that Ferrari has not been fighting the intentions of the last race for years is bad. ”

“I have some bad memories myself, of the many titles lost in the last race of the season, but at least we struggled with the intention of the end. This didn't happen last season and in the past and it's not good for Ferrari. “

“The reasons are mainly the competitiveness of the car: last year it was obvious that there were reliability issues.

“Then there are the tactics, the running of the race, the drivers. A victory in Formula 1 means a complete set of elements.

“I was able to put together a great team, if I think of Todt, Brown, Domenicali, Byrne. I think we have to keep in mind that we need to improve our staff. ”

Binotto is smart and he did his first year very well, “he added.

“We'll see, 2020 I'm expecting an improvement on the Crimson Bull and Honda engine, but Ferrari has all the elements at least to try to win the championship and fight the intention of the last race. ”

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