(Motorsport-Total.com) – Michael Schumacher went into the season finale with one point ahead 1994 . One of the most controversial World Cup decisions in recent Formula 1 history should take place in Adelaide. In the second leading role: “Schumi” rival Damon Hill. He lost the duel after a collision with the Benetton. What does the Brit think about the maneuver today?

Michael Schumacher, Damon Hill

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Hill vs. Schumacher was the duel in the season finale 1994 Zoom Download

“You can't go back in time”, he doesn't care Repent more. In a conversation on 'Sky', he philosophized about whether he would attack in lap 35 after a driving mistake by Schumacher in Regreted afterwards. Finally, the German Benetton bolide was already damaged at the time of the attack – Hill should have finished the race and would have become world champion.

“I never think so,” says the world champion of 1996 clear. He also never accused himself of not having waited earlier. “I didn't know that Michael's car damaged the battle. After that it turned out to be so battle. Thanks to YouTube , there you can watch it in a loop, “he can laugh today about the Build of dwelling.

Hill did not want to lose touch with his title opponent and smelled his likelihood after the German from strayed from the pavement battle. “I thought I had to give my all because he had moved away before.”

“I did, I became right at that moment. I didn't want him let go again. I was waiting for the gap and he closed the door. ” Hill wanted to overtake on the inside lane of the right-hand bend, but Schumacher also pulled to the right – the two collided, the Benetton rose in the air and landed in the tire stack.

Michael Schumacher

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Schumacher studies the Hill collision after his failure in repetition Zoom Download

The Williams was able to continue driving at first, but had to do so a little later with broken front suspension also give up. So it was clear: Michael Schumacher became world champion for the first time.

“The year battle was very challenging”, Hill summarizes. After the death of his teammate Ayrton Senna in the accident, Graham Hill's son was suddenly pushed into the role of favorite, in which he initially felt uncomfortable. “I suddenly found myself in the title fight, even though I hadn't expected it. We thought Ayrton would do it.”

Hill had to push himself to the limit: “Used to be the effort involved and how far I had to go to get [gute] results, battle 1994 definitely very challenging. Emotional battle it of course, also very hard. ” It was not easier for the middle 30 year old but not. “1996 battle not easy either, but much less stressful than before 1994. “

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