Red Bull team boss Christian Horner is pleased that the FIA ​​has, through a series of technical directives, made clear last season with the legality of certain procedures in the development and use of propulsion units used to race F1 teams.

After Red Bull asked the FIO for fuel-flow measurements before the Austin race last year, all eyes were on the red car. The FIA ​​has declared the manipulation of the measuring sensor illegal, as Red Bull has shown that something like this is technically possible.

One of the many theories was that, because of the use of the controversial system, the Ferrari engine produced significantly more power at a moment's notice than any other manufacturer. The poor performance of the Austin red car in the Austin race served to confirm their claims, and Max Verstappen even accused the Maranell team of fraud.

Just nine days after the US race, the FIA ​​has issued another technical directive on possible frauds in the field of F1 engines, pointing to suspicion that engine manufacturers could burn fluids from a cooling system, air reservoir or ERS system thus increasing the capacity of the drive unit.

Horner pointed out that it was very important for Red Bull that the FIA ​​set clear rules:

“The F1 car's powertrain is an extremely complex thing and the FIA ​​simply cannot keep up with the development led by the team of engineers. It is very important to us that certain things have been clarified last year, as this allows us to develop this year's engine in accordance with the rules. In my opinion, the clarity of the rules benefits all teams. “

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