In an interview with Motorsport-Complete, Red Bull Chief Consultant Dr Helmut Marko explained why the Milton Keynes team did not decide to bring Nice Hulkenberg into their ranks.

After it became clear that Hulkenberg would be replaced by Esteban Ocon at the renault, there were rumors that the German could get a chance at Red Bull, who eventually decided to race his academy Alexander Albon.

Marko confirmed that the originals of the talks between Red Bull and Hulkenberg did indeed occur:

“The initiative came from Hulkeberg, and since we didn't know then what would happen to Albon, we left things open. When we decided on it, it became clear that there was no room for Hulkenberg. Otherwise, we would break our promise, as we have now given originals a chance for the riders of our program. Our academy gives young racers a certain perspective because they know they have a fair chance of racing in F1. I will not say that we will never take anyone from the outside, but it will be appropriate to be significantly better. “

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