Although Red Bull's Chief Advisor Dr Helmut Marko acknowledges that Carlos Sainz is very quick, he does not regret that the Red Bulls team did not keep a Spanish racer in their ranks.

Sainz came to Formula One as a product of Red Bull's racing academy, but after being finally given up at Milton Keynes 2018, he is a talented Spaniard crossed okay McLarn.

Although it is a great season for Sainz, Marko does not regret his decision:

“In the year 2016 Verstappen and Sainz were racing for Toro Rosso and at that time we had to decide who will advance to the first team. Sainz is a good and fast racer, but the fact is he is not Verstappen. We didn't give up Sainz, he decided it was better for his career if he went to another team. “

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