(Motorsport-Total.com) – Not only drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are aware of their economic responsibility and are therefore actively committed to climate protection , The Formula 1 bosses themselves take the topic seriously and have set high goals for the future in order to make the sport more climate-friendly.

Charles Leclerc, Valtteri Bottas, Lewis Hamilton, Lando Norris, Kimi Räikkönen


According to Kogler, the formula at the Crimson Bull Ring should continue for a long time Zoom Rating

At present, the CO2 footprint of Formula 1 is still large and the environmental impact is high. Is that why it should be abolished in its current Bear? “No, on the contrary,” says Werner Greens boss Werner Kogler. “I think that maybe some will have this opinion. For me personally it is the other way round.”

The 58 year old is not only Vice Chancellor in the new coalition, but also holds the office of Minister of Sport. In an interview with ' Krone.at ' he is committed to Formula 1: “Many years ago I noticed that as a green man – back then – to defend Österreichring. That he will come back at all. “

Meanwhile, the Crimson Bull Ring has become one of the biggest crowd pullers in the Formula 1 season and ranks on the popularity scale of fans and Driver far ahead. Kogler reveals: “I'm also a consumer myself. Although Formula 1 was of interest to me in the past, I have to admit.” And what does the climate future of the series look like?

“Of course in the long term it will be a matter of bringing everything under one roof. Just like we are going to bring economy and environmental protection and above all climate protection under one roof There are many opportunities in this area, “says the green sports minister. He knows: “Sport is about image and pioneering roles.”

“I think classic Formula 1 will still be around for a long time. But there will also be other motorsport events, where perhaps more emissions-free drive technologies are used. But as I said, this is not primarily a plan back, “says Kogler. Formula 1 itself has undertaken to be to 2030 climate neutral .

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