(Motorsport-Total.com) – Ferrari climber Charles Leclerc is a cross-border commuter – even off the racetrack. During the winter break, he gets the adrenaline rush while skiing or skydiving. Although the Scuderia only found out after its trip to lofty heights, used to be the 22 – year-old brought in annoyance.

Charles Leclerc


Charles Leclerc wanted to know – and jumped Zoom Download

“Yes, normally you should [um Erlaubnis fragen], and I do that too, “Leclerc replies to a fan question at the” Autosport World Build “and adds:” I just didn't do that when I was skydiving. ” The Monegasse also explains the reason why he forgot his good manners in this drop.

“I said to myself: If this goes wrong, I will not experience the anger anymore I just did it, “smiles Leclerc. His team reacted less happily. “You were a little upset,” he admits.

After all, such activities are associated with considerable risks. Contracts often prohibit drivers from practicing coarse sports in their free time. In retrospect, Leclerc realizes that his youthful recklessness overwhelmed him.

“I will not do this a second time. It was a great battle, but I only do it once.” It sounds different on his Instagram page. At the beginning of December, he wrote a picture of his parachute jump: “The battle is my first jump today. Became for a great experience. Next on my list: Jump alone.”

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