Crimson Bull's chief advisor is surprised by Paty Symonds' claims that System 1 could switch to two-stroke engines in the coming years.

System 1 has decided to use enact flight 2024 or

using the current V6 hybrid aggregates. , begins the process of finding engines for the future. F1 Technical Director Pat Symonds believes two-stroke engines could be the answer.

Although generally known for use in small appliances and lawn mowers, Symonds believes that two-stroke engines would increase efficiency and solve the problem of F1 car noise.

“We need to look at how our powertrains will look in the future,” Symonds said at an energy efficiency conference at the Motor Vehicle Industry Association.

“The F1 is currently addressing this issue and I am a proponent of two-stroke engines.”

“They are much more efficient, have great sound and the problems they once faced are largely eliminated. The opposition piston engine is coming back and its efficiency is already 50 percent.

The inventor of the proposed solution, however, is the somewhat skeptical Crimson Bull sports boss Helmut Marko:

“This moment seems rather strange, but I will thoroughly ask our engineers about the matter. We need to find out how much horsepower they can produce, how efficient they are and whether they can really use alternative fuels. “

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