The Ferrari Museum in Modena and Maranell visited the record 600 during the year 2019. 000 Visitors.

Ferrari Museums has set a new record 2019 in the years. According to Maranello, more than 600 have visited exhibitions of the famous Italian brand. visitors, up 12% more than a year ago. In Modena, the number of visits exceeded 200 for the first time. , and more than 400 were recorded at the Ferrari Museum in Maranell. fans of the brand created by the famous Enzo Ferrari.

The success is attributed by the Italians to favorable tickets for both museums, whose sales in the year 2019 increased by more than

% compared to last year. In addition, the marketing part has put a lot of effort into the content diversity of advertising campaigns.

The Ferrari Museum in Modena celebrates the legendary Enzo, along with the most stylish, exclusive Ferrari cars, and the Maranell Museum offers visitors an experience that allows them to discover history, racing in Formula 1 and other series, and cross sections of all vehicles, that made Ferrari as big as it is today.


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