The president of the British Motorsports Association, David Richards, believes that with the introduction of hybrid V6 engines, Formula 1 has lost the relevance it once had in the development of road car technology.

In pursuit of sustainable and green technologies, the F1 year 2014 has switched from a V8 to a 1.6 liter hybrid V6 powertrain. The change raised many concerns from the start, and was opposed by Former One leader Bernie Ecclestone at the time.

The President of the British Motorsports Association David Richards spoke at the Autosport Global exhibition in Birmingham about the technological advances in motorsport:

“We have traditionally lived by being driven by new technologies. Sometimes it's not necessarily technology, but it's a great marketing platform. Looking at the current situation, we can see that motorsport has lost the initiative it has had in the past in the field of innovation and has become more than no fun in the last decade. The current F1 hybrid technology is exceptional in engineering, while it is almost irrelevant for the development of road cars. “

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