(Motorsport-Total.com) – One should think that every Formula 1 driver wants to quickly forget a session in which he 13 seconds away from the pace was. But the Israeli Chanoch Nissany is still proud of his famous training assignment for Minardi at the Hungarian Grand Prix 2005.

Chanoch Nissany

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With 42 years from the office to the Formula 1 cockpit: Chanoch Nissany Zoom Download

Some may scoff at his pace and think that Nissany was never intestine enough to earn a place in Formula 1. Then you wouldn't understand the remarkable story of his determination that got him there at all.

You have to go back four years when Nissany – then a successful real estate businessman – was a spectator at the Hungary Mountainous Prix 2001 was a guest. “I started with 38” , he says to 'Motorsport-Total.com'. “I was a businessman, I worked in an office and I remember sitting on a grandstand in Budapest.”

“I saw the race and said to a friend: 'I want to be a Formula 1 driver. ' I had never sat in a slip-kart or a racing car before, but I said: 'I want to be a driver', “said Nissany. “My friend replied, 'No scenario. When we get home, you take your pills and everything becomes intestine.' But I came back and started from scratch. “

Nissany's professional success gave him the financial means to get the ball rolling. In addition, he was able to win a sponsor with the Israeli cosmetics company UPEX, which led him to Formula 1.

In the Hungarian formula 2000 everything started

2002 he started in the Hungarian formula – 2000 – series and became runner-up there – a year later he won the title , 2003 he started to take part in international series like the World Sequence Lights, 2004 he drove in the formula 3000.

Although he did not lift the world with his results, he was still on the right track, to achieve his goal. And when he got a test driver role at Jordan, he got a little closer.

He made his Formula 1 debut in July at Silverstone, where he was nine seconds slower than teammate Reduce Heidfeld. However, he also suffered engine damage, which shortened his sign.

Chanoch Nissany

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“I have sign for sign 24 hours worked for it, “says Nissany. “I ate, slept and dreamed of car racing.” The dream seemed within reach when he went to the Hilton Resort in Tel Aviv in July 2005 was presented by Minardi boss Paul Stoddart as the official test driver – with the view of letting him do some free practice sessions.

Since the rules for the super license were different at the time, Nissany only had to drive enough kilometers drive a private test to take part in free practice. And since the test rules were also far from the current restrictions, it was not a scenario to get these kilometers.

A gift for 42. Birthday

After two tests for Minardi in previous Iciness, Nissany drove five full days in Misano, Mugello and Vallelunga before deciding that he would get the Friday operation that he had dreamed of in Hungary. And fittingly, the one on his 42. Birthday take place.

The news of Nissany's Formula 1 mission made waves in Israel. Local journalists and TV crews went to Hungaroring to witness the occasion. A particularly keen reporter asked Michael Schumacher if he thought of Nissany's test. The perplexed looking German replied: “I have to apologize. I have no idea.”

Nissany's appearance did not go unnoticed because the official Formula 1 feed chased him like an eagle. Due to his conservative approach and the increased pressure to be part of a real weekend, he couldn't hunt for sensational times. But over time his confidence increased.

Chanoch Nissany

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The only official Formula 1 appearance ended in the gravel bed Zoom Download

17 Minutes before the end, however, Nissany made a mistake in curve 4 and he turned into it Gravel bed, which ended his session. When the mobile crane came to haul his car away, he was still sitting in the cockpit. His sign was over.

In the end, the result lists spit a lap time of 1: 34. 319 minutes for Nissany. That was close 13 seconds slower than Alexander Wurz, who in McLaren had a time of 1: 21. 411 minutes. For comparison: Minardi teammate Christijan Albers achieved a lap time of 1: 27. 540 Minutes.

No shame despite monster deficit

If he is now looking back at the sign, he is not embarrassed that he was not in a league of Schumacher, Fernando Alonso or Kimi Raikkonen. Just being on the track was the realization of an unlikely dream. He knows that he had a much faster pace in the private tests than he could show on this sign.

“One must not forget that it is now 15 years ago, “he says. “I was proud to be at Hungaroring. No question. It was a great experience. My goal was clear: I wanted to be an official Formula 1 driver and drive the Formula 1 car. I did it.”

Chanoch Nissany, Christijan Albers, Patrick Friesacher

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Minardi 2005: Christijan Albers, Paul Stoddart, Patrick Friesacher and Nissany Zoom Download

“I am just a special story for normal people. For every businessman and worker who has a goal or a dream. One must not say that it is impossible I wanted to show everyone that even with 38 can do something if you want to. It's just a matter of the head. “

Nissany did not participate in a Formula 1 session afterwards, however, he completed four more days of testing for Minardi. His racing career also continued. He won several championships in Hungary before hanging up his helmet a few years ago.

Son Roy follows in his footsteps

Finally he helped his son Roy climb the steps on the motorsport ladder. He played an important role in the recently announced test driver deal with Williams . Again and again there are minor teasing between father and son about their racing experience, but both know that their Formula 1 possibilities are at completely different ends of the spectrum.

“It is a huge difference to mine Father, “says Roy Nissany. “His career was unique, crazy and special. With 38, so his goals were different from mine. Starting at such an old age and making it into Formula One and getting the Israeli flag there is a tremendous success and stands for itself. ”

“But that's not what I'm trying to do. I started at six and I want to keep going through the motorsport categories. It's nice to have this legacy, but I have my own way” , said Nissany.

Nissany sen is also likely. more proud of his son's success than his own career: “I'm happy with my achievements, but I think Roy can do a lot more because I never had the skill. I don't play in his league. I just had the mental Strength to make it. But this generation, the young generation, is in another world. “

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