(Motorsport-Entire.com) – Before 25 years ago Mattia Binotto came to Scuderia Ferrari as a simple engineer. 2019 the Swiss-born Italian rose to the team boss the red one. But even after a year in his new role, he has not quite found his way, Binotto has to admit.

Mattia Binotto


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It is only ninety steps from his old office as technical director to the team boss's office in the sacred halls of Maranello. The short path has no relation to the actual change. Neither “physically nor psychologically” he processed the move completely.

In fact, some of his belongings are still in the old office, it just wasn't time. “In truth, I'm still not quite finished with the move,” admits the 50 – year-olds in the official 'Ferrari-Magazin' . “Much of my stuff is still there. Except my PC, my whiteboard and my ballpoint pen.”

Find out about the transport from the newspaper

Binotto ascribes no particular importance to the role of team boss. It was never his big goal, he admits. “It's just a different role.” He learned of his promotion from a newspaper. That went a little faster than originally thought.

“On January 7th I flew from the airport in Bologna to London. I bought the Gazzetta dello Sport and on the quilt I saw my announcement to the team manager, “Binotto remembers exactly that Observe. “So we had to announce it earlier, didn't just become battle.”

As Maurizio Arrivabene's successor, he graduated on 15. February finally his first car presentation as the new team boss. That was a “very emotional” moment. Despite the disappointing results at the beginning of the season, he was happy to sit at the command post.

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“When I was still a motor engineer battle, I always thought that sooner or later I would stop attending races. I always thought I would miss what it is like to be at the command post. ” Instead, he made his debut in Melbourne 2019.

Nevertheless, in the past season one could often see Binotto's gaze from the pit wall again and again towards the garage. “My role is to make sure that everything works correctly, so it is important to always take a look in the box.”

Postscript: “I just have to take a quick look at the mechanics, to know happened happened to me. This is more important to me than staring at any monitors. ” He still feels very connected with his technicians in the group, around 90 percent come from this area, explains Binotto.

Political games underestimated? “Never be careless”

since 2019 he was now also responsible for the other ten percent: communication, advertising and marketing and marketing, sponsoring, legal department. “There were simply more tasks in which I am probably less qualified,” said the team manager. There is a big difference, however.

“As a technical director, I am used to simply spending money, but now as a team manager, I have to make sure that we also save or even make a profit.” He also remains true to his work ethic in the role of team leader: “I am convinced that it is important to have rigorous processes.”

This helps a Formula 1 group in the Manage magnitude of Ferrari. Although he must not neglect the human and emotional side, which is “traditional”, on the other hand there is a highly complex machine that has to work perfectly.

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“Apart from that, everything has to be special in Formula 1 work efficiently and effectively. The scream here is not how to make a car with 1. 000 PS developed, son that you can do it before everyone else. This requires efficient processes so that you can develop a little faster. “

In addition to a functioning group, a strong driver pairing and a fast car, one area does not play an insignificant role in the premier class:” The formula 1 is not only a technical and sporting challenge, but also a political one. “

As team manager of the traditional racing team, he is inevitably the focus of the political games and had to experience a lot in his first year ( Keyword: engine tricks ). “We are allowed to never be careless in this entrance. It is simply not enough to have a competitive car and great drivers. “

Two decisive advantages for Ferrari

He has to admit: “I didn't expect this aspect to take so much effort.” With one year of experience, Binotto traveled to Barcelona for the winter tests in mid-February, previously on 11. February is the new red goddess presented. Again he expects high pressure and strong competition at the top.

“We have all the prerequisites to do well, but you shouldn't take anything for granted, because our competition has also strengthened.” Ferrari has at least two decisive advantages: “We have the support of our extraordinary Tifosi and the power of legend.”

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