(Motorsport-Full.com) – Formula 1 will be a fan festival in honor of 70 in May. Hold the premier class birthday and urges that all 20 drivers and ten teams will be present at the occasion in London. However, they are not very enthusiastic when they look into the already busy schedule and have raised the issue at a meeting of the promoter working group, as ‘RaceFans’ reports.


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In addition to the 22 races, the pilots should also take part in other events Zoom Bag

The festival is to be held on the weekend of 16. and 17. May take place and therefore pretty exactly 70 years after the first race in Silverstone on 13. May 1950. The Yelp: It is the only free weekend for drivers and teams after Wait on-to-help races in Zandvoort and Barcelona and four days before the first free practice in Monaco.

This comes up the drivers and teams are faced with additional logistical effort in a Formula 1 season that is already overloaded with 22 races. Again and again the teams had complained about the calendar, which they thought was too big, and the hardships associated with it.

Three years ago, Formula 1 held the first fan festival in London at the time At that time all teams and drivers were present – with the exception of Lewis Hamilton.

The Occasion of London is said to be one of three fairs this year. The first is planned for the weekend to Bahrain and takes place in the South African Kyalami, where Formula 1 20 was a guest at times. There will also be an occasion in Recent York in October. The date for this is still open.

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