(Motorsport-Total.com) – The Germany Expansive Prix 2019 became the best race of the year and the best of the entire decade by the Formula 1 fans selected. It could have been the last Expansive Prix in Hockenheim. “But the door to the future is not closed,” the ring officials remain optimistic.

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Max Verstappen could in the rain chaos 2019 win at the Hockenheimring Zoom Download

He would like a Formula 1 race on the traditional race track especially for the fans, says Jorn Teske. “Also because last summer we were voted one of the best races of the past ten years with our race”, the managing director of the ' Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung '.

Despite the great response from the public, Germany is in vain in the racing calendar 2020 . For the sixth time in a Formula 1 season there will be no Expansive Prix in the Federal Republic. Already the race in the previous year could only take place after tricky negotiations and the involvement of Mercedes as a sponsor Automobils “

Hurry Carey, Formula 1 boss, had in July before the calendar was announced 2020 emphasizes how “incredibly” important Germany is for him as the “home of the automobile”. “There are many German fans, a German team has won the last five World Cup titles, a German driver is racing for the World Championship,” he said in the summer from ' Sportbild 'quoted.

Despite the successful streak of Mercedes and winning driver Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, it was nothing with the contract extension. Even then, the talks were “complicated”, the US manager had to admit. “But our enthusiasm for Germany and the German market will always remain.”

That's what the hope for ) new managing directors Teske and Jochen Nerpel , who have taken over from Georg Seiler. Teske describes motorsport as a “stagnant field”. Hockenheim is therefore realigning itself. The DTM will still drive its final on the ring, but the season opener has been canceled. There will also be a hotfoot crawl (“Nitrolympx”) and the Jim Clark Revival.

Photo gallery: The Top – 10 – Moments of the season 2019

Die Formel-1-Saison 2019 ist Geschichte. 21 Rennen wurden gefahren, 1.262 Rennrunden und 6.430,262 Kilometer absolviert. Insgesamt fünf Fahrer konnten zumindest ein Rennen gewinnen, ebenso viele standen auf der Pole-Position. Das Jahr schrieb traurige und schöne Geschichten. Wir werfen einen Blick zurück auf zehn außergewöhnliche Momente!

The Formula 1 season 2019 is history. 21 were races driven, 1. 262 laps and 6 . 430, 262 kilometers completed. A total of five drivers were able to win at least one race, and just as many were on the Pole-Articulate. The year wrote sad and beautiful stories. We take a look back at ten extraordinary moments! Photo gallery

Otherwise, the ring wants to present itself primarily as a business location. Hockenheim Mayor Marcus Zeitler emphasizes: “For the future, the Hockenheimring must be expanded into a modern business location. Here we can prove that visions and innovations fit together if we all pull together.”

The goal: attract the private sector to the ring. With emodrom GmbH and the Porsche Trip Center, this has already been partially achieved. Economics Minister Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) paid a visit to the Hockenheimring in early January.

She stated that she welcomed the intention that the ring would break new ground and ” technology-open mobility center of the future “. The Hockenheimring could also establish itself as a trade fair location and organizer of major events, such as concerts.

Mick Schumacher as a new draft horse?

A return of Formula 1 is not completely excluded. With the growth of the racing calendar on 25 Race could still be free for Germany. However, it is questionable whether the ring officials and the Formula 1 rights holders will agree on the amount of the entry fee.

Another factor could be Mick Schumacher. Michael Schumacher's son is currently driving in Formula 2 and should be promoted to the premier class in a few years – and thus become the new driving force behind a motorsport euphoria.

How much Carey values ​​this Likelihood one? “Mick has a special place with us as the son of Michael Schumacher. But he has to get the likelihood of being himself and achieving his own goals. We want to give him a chance to pursue his dreams.” He adds: “But a market is never dependent on just one driver. There are always several factors involved.”

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